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We, at Egypt Translation, currently provide Translation Services, Training Courses, and Visa and Embassy Services. Egypt Translation provides accredited translation for all embassies, governmental and non-governmental bodies, entities and companies inside and outside Egypt, all over the world. Our courses aim to take students from zero level to the professional translator level. Egypt Translation can also provide you with visa and embassy services. You can find more about our services by checking the quota, or by chatting with us, we are happy to help.
What We Do?
Translation Service
Accredited translation for all embassies, governmental and non-governmental bodies, entities and companies inside and outside Egypt, all over the world. We have provided certified translation services since then. Optimization of work processes and an established QA as well as project management system has resulted in increased efficiency and fewer claims for the benefit of our customers. We Offer Two Types of Services to our Clients as follows:
  • CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES (professional translation = TEP i.e. Translation-Editing-Proofreading) To maintain a consistent level of quality of our services, all certified translation service orders are submitted to thorough in-house quality inspection, a process that is ISO 17100 certified. Organized procedures to translate your text will be applied; starting from analyzing, translating and editing (fluency of the language, facts, terminology, accuracy of the language, style, comparison to the original, omissions check, fluency of the language etc.), second proofreading (grammar, wording, sentence structure, typos, etc.), and finally, layout and technical finishing (spaces, lining, font etc.) Our certified translation service will ensure the greatest quality for your most urgent translation projects. This type of service is significant for translations of the medical and pharmaceuticals agencies or legal and financial proceedings. Any documentation that is prepared for publishing or for reading by third parties ought to be submitted to this type of service also.
  • NON-CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES (Informative Translation = Translation Only) Non-certified translation services, are also executed by specialized translators. The translation is proofread as well by another translator (be it translator or project manager), meaning that two translators work on your text. This kind of service is appropriate for translating in-house working documents or materials that will be edited and reviewed by client's own specialist staff. Take care to select the appropriate service when placing your order. Your feedback on our service quality is appreciated within 14 days of receipt of the translation.
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