FAQ - Translata

  • How Many languages do you translate?
      • English
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Turkish
      • Russian
      • Ukrainian
      • Dutch
      • Chinese
      • Persian
      • Urdu
      • Portuguese
      • Japanese
      • Filipino
      • Indonesian
      • Czech
      • Slovak
      • Korean
      • Thai
      • Romanian
      • Swedish
      • Bulgarian
      • Latin
  • How do I get a free estimate?
    • By using our Online Request Form CLICK HERE
    • By scanning and emailing to info@translaita.org
    • By watching your email for an estimate, we?ll contact you as soon possible.
  • If I don?t have an access to Scan/Email or fax, do you have a local office where I can drop off my documents?
  • We are an online and office ordering service that can offer translation services to several locations via our website or by our offices.
    Our professional and certified translators are not in a single location most of the time.
    If you need a local drop off and pick up service, you may want to check our contacts to see if there is one of our offices are near to your location.
  • How would I pay?
    • Certified/Notarized Translations can pay with creidt or debit cardonline.
    Huge Business Projects email us if you need an another payment method.
  • How soon will I get my translation?
    • Certified/Notarized Translations: 1-4 pages are concluded in 48 hours and after that sent First Class Mail. If you request a faster service, we can demand expedited mailing. It would be ideal if you let us know how quick you require the translation when you send your free quote request.
    • Business Translation: Most trained translation teams can translate 1500-2000 words every day.
  • What if I have a request or worry about my translation? Do you have a guarantee?
  • We ensure our translation against unintentional errors and omissions.
    We offer a 30 day guarantee service for all our translations.
    If a inquiry or worry arises with your translation, please let us know and we?ll be happy to review the translation and make any necessary updates free of charge.
    Please be aware that our guarantee covers mistakes and omissions, not matters of style and personal term choice.
  • I have further questions and I really need to talk to someone. How can I reach you?
    • Live Chat: Find our live chat module on our site to talk to us live.
    • Request Call Back: The best way to speak on the phone is to email a call back request. You will just send to us your name and your phone number via email. As soon as that gets to our screen, we?ll call you back!